Moving into the future where Less is More

That Laptop Site is an initiative of SaveCom.

Having had 15 years experience in the computer industry it has become evident that change is our friend.

Things can be done differently.

The aim is to to develop ideas and systems, using quality parts and services, that have benefits for both our customers and our business.

That Laptop Site proudly offers a limited choice of laptops to suit different needs.

We have selected models that are deemed to serve different needs


We chose the Asus brand, because they:

-have been in the industry for many years,

-produce a reliable product,

-have some good software features and

-have multiple service centers

These are “SOLID” performing laptops.

There is an “ENHANCED”, upgraded version of each. It may be a more appropriate, however, to choose the next level “SOLID” laptop.

If this approach suits you, then welcome on board.

If you wish to do the whole search yourself, then happy searching, we may see you back here later anyway, if you decide on one of these models.


Look out for other initiatives planned for release late 2016 for:

-Xdeal Clearance (Bargains to be had for eBay sellers – stock clearance)

Easy Post Laptop Repairs (Laptop repairs and upgrades via Post)

-That Laptop Site (Only for those who want simpler choices in purchasing a laptop to suit their needs)

-SaveCom (For all who wish to save time and money and maybe even make some money)

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Proudly another  SaveCom initiative.